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should lord achilles find out about helene's suicide attempt? aeneas won't tell him, i don't think. but the maids gossip and maybe it leaked through to him?

if he does find out, then she is confined to the house - even more so. she'll have doctors who think she's possessed by the devil. i think i'd quite like to write about that.

any thoughts/ideas/suggestions?
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I'm not sure. My instict would to say no, Achilles shouldn't find out - but then again he found out about Clayton visiting the prostitute so...?

Maybe if Achilles does find out and is confined to the house, Clayton can be one of the few allowed to take her beyond the palace walls? I'm not sure... Henry VII on tele now - will have a think on this and get back to you?
It's really up to you - if you'd like that to be part of the plot, think of a way your father could hear about it. Maybe a well meaning maid would tell him? Or a jealous servant who doesn't like you?