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[01 Dec 2003|12:57pm]

k, just so you know i didnt bail on you but my computer ate ie and i have a crappy browser that supports no options for posting.. i am doing this on the library computer so basically.. i am out.. sorry but until i can work something else out there is nothing that i can do.. bah.. i'll try to come back whenever i can but uhm.. yeah
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[19 Nov 2003|04:18pm]

It seems we've lost two players - blackberrylust and cogenthought have both said lately they are taking a break from LJ. So I don't know how well this game can really continue without them... We have hardly any players as it is.
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trying to figure out where next for Clayton...? [14 Nov 2003|11:30pm]

or rumblings of plottings...

Obviously I've got the two BIG scenes coming up on the 2 January between me and Mercertio and me and Penelope (I'm figuring that the seduction follows the blackmailing?) but that will kind of rely on lenny201 and cogenthought. What I'm not sure of is do I need him to do anything overnight or now - I've just had him go along and see Helene - meeting Aeneas on the way (if rachel2205 is willing ... but I do think it's about time brother and sister got together for a bit of a chinwag...)

blackberrylust, Clayton doesn't know about the suicide attempt does he (or does he?) can he guess? How much does he know...?
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Sorry it took me so long! [10 Nov 2003|12:06pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

There's my posty =)

Halloween time gets rather busy around my house (then there's the three kids all hyped on up on candy afterwards).

If anyone wants to have a conversation with Faustina, I'm reachable on AIM (Lab Arc Designs) , or perhaps it could be played out through comments, even. I'd like for her to meet some people, make some friends, and so on.


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[09 Nov 2003|01:54pm]

Now, boys and girls, I'm grateful to all the people who posted after my last whinge fest, but there are some people who STILL haven't posted. If you don't want to play anymore, I'd appreciate it if you told me, rather than just leaving the game.

Anyway, please do make stuff happen! My hands are a bit tied at the moment because Aeneas is trying to interact with Helene (who hasn't posted!) and Sir Hector is sitting at home alone. So why not get the hunt over with and make some things happen, hm? Otherwise I guess I'll have to give up on Ilium...
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[01 Nov 2003|10:21pm]

In case anyone is confused, Kendrick has created a new character, as he didn't feel he had much to do with Achilles. Hopefully the Privateer will provide him with more opportunities to scheme and be generally naughty. This means that the position of Lord Achilles is open (unless K wants to keep him open for occasional play, which could be handy). Hopefully K will write a profile for his new character soon, but feel free to interact with him before hand (am looking at Helen here particularly!).

Have fun, and keep playing *cough*karennicolehelen*cough*
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We're all busy guys, but come on lets play! [30 Oct 2003|09:12pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

And I know I've been as guilty at not posting for the last week or so as the next person, but that's gotta change. Nicole, Kendrick, Bobbie, I've given you all the start to something in my last post. Let's not disappoint rachel2205...

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[29 Oct 2003|08:34pm]

My game is dead.

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[26 Oct 2003|01:27pm]

Oy, you!

Yes, you.

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Calling all Writers! [23 Oct 2003|10:55pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]


Write Away Virtual Writer's Workshop is open to writers of all experience and skill levels, from beginner to pro!

Our Featured Writers are experienced and/or published authors who will gives you their tips for successful writing. We also offer feedback, critique, activities, and writing exercises on a regular basis. Here's a look at our current schedule:

A journal writing prompt

Vocabulary word of the week and exercise; a summary of upcoming activities

Specific element exercise (setting, theme, character development, etc.)

Poetry writing exercise, assignment or prompt

Writing tip/post from one (or more) of our Featured Writers

Prose writing assignment/exercise/prompt

Writing trivia and/or game

Post your works in progress for feedback, ask questions, just hang out..
Day of Rest

Open Mic Night on IRC (I'm going to set up a java chat for it too in order to make it easy to reach)

Moderator Planning/Hang Out Meeting

(Times and Dates to be announced)

Live writing workshop - when we have the time for it, and can work out all of the details.

Participate in as few or as many of the exercises as you'd like- it's all up to you! If you are an experienced and/or published writer who would like to volunteer your time to help with this project, please let me know- we're still open to having more mods and Featured Writers. The community activities will be starting this Monday. Upon joining, please read over the user information and post the short survey found there into the community so we have some idea of your writing experiences and what you hope to get out of the community.

Hope to see you there!


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[22 Oct 2003|02:06pm]

This is Rachel (using my Spike RPG journal). I've decided to play Hector for a little while as well - hopefully we'll find someone permanent at some point, but for now... I hope this will help with plotting.
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plot [19 Oct 2003|08:35pm]

should lord achilles find out about helene's suicide attempt? aeneas won't tell him, i don't think. but the maids gossip and maybe it leaked through to him?

if he does find out, then she is confined to the house - even more so. she'll have doctors who think she's possessed by the devil. i think i'd quite like to write about that.

any thoughts/ideas/suggestions?
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People who haven't posted for at least a week [16 Oct 2003|06:11pm]

Nicole - 4th October
Kendrick - 29th September
Bobbie - 29th September
Karen - 10 Oct
Helen - 7 Oct
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Deleted, modified, and reposted... [14 Oct 2003|04:33pm]

My New Years Day post of last week, has now be taken away, been rearranged and reposted...

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[11 Oct 2003|05:53pm]

My apologies for not posting in a while:
a) I've just moved to Uni and have been very busy meeting new people
b) I could really do with someone playing Hector so that I have someone to scheme *against*
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Jumping in [10 Oct 2003|05:51pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

Yay, I did it! My first post!

I hope it was okay!

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[10 Oct 2003|10:20pm]

helene has just had a panic attack. i think maybe she'll try and kill herself. (but fail, of course.) the world is too much for her.

rachel, how did medieval doctors react to suicide attempts? what would they do with helene?

& she still has to find her mothers diary.
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[09 Oct 2003|01:36pm]

Thomas was asking about new year's day in the game world. He suggested a hunt, which could be a good opportunity for some mingling. People would go to Mass in the morning and then head off for the hunt. All the aristocrats would be involved - I don't think women would be hunting but they'd probably go along to watch, so that could be an opportunity for Helene to meet Elizabeth (I know this was debated), as maybe food sellers, petty traders and prostitutes all try to sell their wares to the nobles? Or maybe Helene could manage to slip away from the main action and come across Elizabeth in the forest? I'll leave it up to you lot :)
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[07 Oct 2003|03:37pm]

It's been a week since some of you have posted, so do try to get something up please! We need to move the action on.
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[04 Oct 2003|11:14am]

Damn it! The post is all fucked up. And I am unable to edit or delete it. Hey, Rachel, could you please delete it, and I'll fix and post again?

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